Which direction should my ceiling fans be pointed?

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Williams    0

I have a CM ATCS 840 case with a Corsair H100i cooling system.  I have the radiator mounted at the top of the case (ceiling) and have 4 fans in push/pull.  My question is: which direction should they be blowing (blowing in or blowing out) ?

The one fan in the rear is blowing out and all the others are blowing in.  Also, the fan in the rear of the case (blowing out) is on a fan controller that can be set to 50 CFM up to 180 CFM, so can move a huge amount of air out of the case.  I am thinking that the ceiling fans should be blowing in, because if they were blowing out, it would compete with the rear exhaust fan.  However, I don't have much experience with cooling fans, so would like to hear what others think.

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CM Felinni    1

You mean like this one, complete with LED?






Joking aside I suggest a positive air flow with your case with Front and Side Fans as an intake and Top and Rear as an exhaust.  

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world    84

I agree with Felinni--I suggest a slight positive pressure in the case (to keep dust out better!) with front and side intake fans (bottom too, if you want that) and rear and top as exhaust.

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