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Sunday Morning    177
38 minutes ago, Richard said:

My media keys and volume keys do not work! Any idea? Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

Hi Richard

Welcome to CM forum

My suggestion try put your KB to others PC or Laptops and see how the result. 6months my combo in windows 7 pro before move to windows 10, so far no errors I get..

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fabrizio    0

writing now with the virtual keyb cause the mb24 just has a few buttons working. already eanabled usb legacy erp etc etc with bios , using  on w10 pro(1607 build 14393,105) .googled founded just the led problem and i fixed that here with the zip few pages back. the problem is that it was a present from my sister and i don t have receipt. I d like to know if there is a place here in Rome(it) where can i repair or change the product (just the keyb)

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