JetFlo 120m PWM not resuming from sleep

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n2bsprcool    0

I've four of these JetFlo 120m PWM fans.


When resuming from sleep, the three case fans come on no problem.


The one connected to CPU_OPT doesn't spin up.


Is this a problem where the system isn't supplying enough voltage or something to spin it up from a stopped state?


The CPU_FAN header has a 3-pin water pump plugged in that only runs full speed.


A problem mixing 3-pin and 4-pin on linked fan headers (I think CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT are linked somehow)?


Anyone have any clues/ideas?

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Sunday Morning    174



Please connect all your Jetflo fans to System Fan Headers


But my recommended would be better if you get th Fans Controller




hope this help you out :)

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n2bsprcool    0

I only have 3 sys fan headers, and the CPU_OPT my JetFlo is connected to is for the water pump radiator.


The odd thing is, sometimes resuming from sleep works fine and the fan starts.


The last time it doesn't, I reset BIOS to defaults and it then works again...

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CM Patrick    34

Hello n2bsprcool,


CPU Fan 1 and CPU OPT headers are linked. These are usually used in a Push/Pull setup so that you can adjust the RPM of both fans at the same time through a single setting in bios.


If you have two Jetflo's on the radiator then I would suggest connecting them to CPU Fan 1 and CPU OPT


Then connect the 3 pin pump to a system fan or Chassis fan header.


Please let me know if this helps.


CMUSA Support

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