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Keyboard Size Preference

Keyboard Size  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your preferred keyboard size?

    • Standard
    • Tenkeyless
    • Compact (60%)
    • 75%

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world    84

Just curious what everyone's preference for keyboard size is. There are pros and cons to every size, but my personal favorite is the tenkeyless form factor. I don't use the numpad much, so the tenkeyless is very space-saving. Also, I find that having the left side of the keyboard closer to the mouse is much more comfortable.


I'd like to try out the 75% style, but I wouldn't be able to live with a 60%, since it doesn't have arrow keys!


What size keyboard do you guys like?

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Pclinde    197

I voted for tenkeyless. Since the release of the Rapid-i and NovaTouch TKL I have only used tenkeyless. I love my Trigger, but I do not really miss my numpad. The extra space on my desk and mouse mat is a blessing. :D

Would love to try a 75% board. Also I use my arrow keys a lot so I can't miss them. :)

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