New to the CM Community HAF STACKER 935 Help with right side panel.

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Raid10SSD    0

     Hoping for a "WELCOME to the CM club" The HAF STACKER 935 is my first CM case and i had a question (as it is currently being shipped to me as we speak). I couldn't help myself to looking into all of the  after market CM offers for their products. I've never seen a manufacture dedicate so much resources into after market accessories for their products.


     My question now is could i use a HAF XM Right side Panel on my HAF 935? I do great cable management, although i always have a bulge. I have alot of cables. here is the link to the XM right side panel.  . Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!

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Jake Howe    0

I'm also wondering this... but on top of that what "Side panels", are compatibile  to the Half Stacker 935..
I ordered one on ebay and it was damaged on the Right side panel, and need a replacement.
cannot find one in USA Cooler Master Store. I only buy in United States...

thanks to all who have replied.

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Jake,

The HAF XM side panel will not fit on the HAF Stacker. I will check with our CM Store Rep to see if we have the right side panel in stock.


If we do, then he will be able add it to the CM Store for purchase.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


CMUSA Support

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