Tim Duinker

CM Storm Trooper with a Corsair Hydro H110, Does It Fit?

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Tim Duinker    1

hello guys,
i'm interested in buying the Storm Trooper for my First OverPowerd Gaming system that i want to buy in april 2015.
and i want to put a Corsair Hydro H110 liquid CPU cooling kit in the mix.
now is my question: Does It  Fit on the ceiling of the case?
the Hydro H110 has a 280mm radiator with 2x 140mm fans(dont ask about the with, i don't know that xD i'll get to that after i post this)
i plan to use a ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO motherboard. with 2-way CFX sapphire R9 290X
and 2 sticks of 8gb Corsair vengeance Pro 1866 memory

i can buy the H100i, but i don't know how much that will limit my i7 4790k overclocking potential

maybe if its a no-go you might be able to suggest a CPU heatsink thats powerfull enough to cool a overclocked i7 4790k?

thanks for reading :)


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Sunday Morning    177
Tim Duinker    1
Sunday Morning    177

Thanks mohdnoh,

i can't i missed that after 4 days of googling xD

much appreciated ;)



Hi Tim,



Small problem ..


we glad you enjoy with CM product :D

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