Is "CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard" compatible with Linux?

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CM Robert    2

I wish I had known t



I wish I had known about this before committing to buying a Devastator... :(

I'm sorry, Mate. It's one of the drawbacks on the Devastator and I know the issue is huge for folks who use Excel, mainly. Binding it to the Scroll Lock key; is honestly what helps make this set so affordable at its price range. Sorry, Friend.

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Jim Brown    1

That one we currently do not have a work around for. The LED command is bound to Scroll Lock within the windows keyboard driver. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I'm not currently aware if anyone has had a chance to overcome this. Our new Octane keyboard is actually a response for folks who have issues, concerning the scroll lock key with some more bells and whistles added to it.


Check it out, if this may be an option for you. We will hopefully post for information on availability and pricing for this set within a few weeks. Keep on eye on our main page, facebook, twitter, reddit, etc. for news.


I bought this keyboard as part of a combo with a mouse. I couldn't get the mouse working on my version of Windows 8 (some sort of issue with the default Windows driver), so I tossed it out and and thought "Oh well, at least I can use the keyboard." Last week I hooked up the keyboard to my work machine to do some Excel and found out I have to have scroll lock turned on to get backlighting on the keyboard. This is a huge issue for me as I can't work in Excel with scroll lock turned on.


Now from the post above, I see the issue again is with the driver.


If Coolermaster is going to make hardware that doesn't work with the standard Windows drivers, they should do like every other manufacturer on the planet does and include their own driver or at least make one available for download.


I feel like I've been ripped off. Telling me you have another product I can buy that might solve the problem isn't a solution I'm interested in. I already PAID you guys for a keyboard and mouse. If you want to send me you newer "Octane" board for free, I might use it, but I'm not throwing good money after bad.

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simez    0

This is to assist with the original topic of getting the LED backlight working on linux. Below is a script to switch on/off the led backlight on Fedora 20, but it should also work on some other linux distros. NB The scroll lock on this particular keyboard is permanently linked to the backlight, ie you can't have the backlight on with the scroll lock off, and vice-versa. It's built into the keyboard's hardware.


To get the backlight to switch on when booting up, just copy and paste the script below into a file and save it to /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ as any file name with a .sh extension (eg /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ Don't forget to make it executable:


# Description: Starts/stops CM Devastator keyboard backlight
# Place this file in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/ (as root)
# and make it executable by typing "chmod 755 <file name>"
# It will run automatically at boot time
FLAGS=$(xset -q | awk '/Scroll Lock:/{print($12)}')
if [ "$FLAGS" == "off" ]; then
    echo "Switching on CoolerMaster Devastator keyboard backlight ... "
    xset led named "Scroll Lock"
    echo "Switching off CoolerMaster Devastator keyboard backlight ... "
    xset -led named "Scroll Lock"

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krandor73    0

Ok here is an Idea, why didnt you link the on off to the pause key or print screen key, do you know how many times i have used the print screen key to print a screen? never. i have either always used 3rd party software or an in program feature to do that function. the scroll lock though i use on almost a daily basis. it may have been the most cost effective method but it was also a short sighted one.

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