CM Trooper Case , Fan Light Kable/Button

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no5killz    0

Hello  :)


please help me with my problem.

i have the trooper case und in the middle of the panel is the button to switch the fan led on or off.

i have 2 new fans mounted (Enermax T.B.Vegas 12cm red led) the have also a button to switch the leds (no on-off switch, only a button like the panel one)

is it possible to connect the 2pin cable coming from the front panel to the 2 pin cable instead of the fan button ?

(attached a pic from the fan cablebutton)

i hope you know what i mean & understand my english :lol:


thanks for the info greeting Martin


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Hi no5killz,


Welcome to the forum.  In regards to your question, I am afraid that is not possible. The Storm Trooper/Stryker provide power to the 2 pin cables going to the fans.  In regards to the enermax fans, they are set up as a toggle switch.  Please don't connect them as it will kill your fans.

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no5killz    0

thank you for the info. you are right ...

used a multitool to measure and the trooper button toggles only 12v on/off.

maybe it is possible to rewire the cables from the fan led power if there are 2 circuits.

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