Bogus AZERTY keyboard layout for CM Storm Quick Fire XT

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dinosaur    0


If you wish, since they are Cherry MX keys, you can purchase different keycaps to suite your style from a variety of locations online like (http://techkeys.us/collections/keys) to suite your needs


This must be a joke... A pretty BAD joke, but still a joke, right ?...


If it's the only "solution" you have in store for me, then fine... I'm returnining that bogus keyboard of yours to the retailer today.


PS: about your motivation (the LED position on Cherry switches) for printing the numbers the wrong way around, you could have just implanted the related swicthes differently (by turning them by 180°, i.e. "upside-down"): that's just a matter of changing the PCB tracks that feed the LEDs for those 'inverted' switches, and you'd have got a properly laid out keyboard in place of a plain BOGUS one... Of course, it involves employing (slightly) smarter engineers...

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