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Oblique    0

Hello, I just bought a New CMSTORM Devastator Keyboard today. It really looks nice and I like it. 

But I'm having problems with the backlight, it seems the only way to turn it on/off is by pressing the "Scroll Lock" key. 



The case is, there are some games that are affected whenever my scroll lock button is ON. Like, I cant make my character in game walk (WASD key), instead it goes to the message/chat board of the game.



I'm wondering if I can change the key binding or if it's possible to turn on the backlight of the keyboard without pressing the scroll lock button. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section, I'm in a bit of hurry.



Immediate response is much appreciated. Thanks !!

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knud    128

Unfortunately this cannot be changed; scroll lock is used for led on/off on this keyboard.

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