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Doubt Cm Storm Spawn

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Good night! 

Yesterday I bought a Cm Storm Spawn and to have a little problem when trying to move the mouse in a straight line the cursor moves up and down a bit this is normal or my product came with done? already activated the ANGLE snapping and yet he moves a little up or down while trying to make a straight line. 

Is there any way to change that and let him do normal for a straight line? 

I use it with 3500 DPI and 1000Hz and use the same for games. 

Thank you for your attention.

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CM Robert    2

Hi Lucas,


This is not normal operation but a few things can be to blame here.


First double check the surface you're using the mouse on. Depending on the surface, if it has a certain sheen, gloss, etc, this can affect the operation. Try using it on another surface, mousepad, or even a piece of notebook paper to help the sensor. Also, make sure to test the mouse on another USB port. Preferably, USB 2.0 for optimum operation.


Double check that you have the most up to date drivers on your mouse. You follow the link below to the Spawn Product page.


Last, but not least, if you're still having issues, test the mouse on another computer. If the mouse works fine on another computer, uninstall the software, any previous mouse/keyboard software, and complete a registry cleanup (you can learn more online as there are a variety of software, including CCleaner.) or maybe even your USB drivers may need to uninstalled. Yet, If worse comes to worse, exchange the mouse with the original vendor or RMA it with us,

I have provided the link below to our FanZone. I would recommend having your serial number and a photo of your purchase receipt. Register your product and then you can apply for an RMA under MY PRODUCTS. We will approve your request. Once you receive your RMA number, write it clearly on the shipping box to help expedite the process.



If you have any further comments or questions, please let me know by PMing me, replying, contacting me on livechat through the fanzone link, or call at 888-624-5099.




Robert N.

CMUSA Support

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