Project Ultima [Build log]

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Mounting tutorial is finally up! :)


I'm sorry for the delay, a lot of parts came in last week, and a few of them weren't as I ordered.. So I lost a lot of time dealing with that stuff and couldn't finish this video...


RAM and MOBO blocks mounting tutorials coming soon as well ! :D



@Cooler Master Representative, Super high-end DSLR... It's LG G2 with some photoshop :D

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Hey guys,


I'm sorry for no videos or updates from last week, but I'm sick and I can't film anything or really do anything hard on the rig.. So here's some stuff I gathered for the project, that you still didn't see :)

I've started bending and sanding some tubing, just to try it.. So I'll probably do that over the weekend and update you later ;)



















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Thanks CM :)


And.. Hey guys,
I hope you had a great time during the Holidays, and I wish you all a productive and happy new 2015 ! :D
And here is a little update:
I was a bit sick, so I couldn't film the remaining few videos, but I'm ok now and they will be up soon :)
Also I had a little setback.. Bitspower mistakenly sent me some wrong prototype fittings that are narrower than they should be, so I'm now waiting for a new shipment to continue the work on my tubing etc..
And a one more thing, I got a nice tripod and mobile phone holder for my "Studio", so filming and shooting from now on will be a bit more controlled and easier :)

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Thanks CM Rep :)


A little update

I've been a bit busy so I delayed editing my final unboxing/tutorial video, but it's coming in a day or two (I hope so) :D

And I sent Bitspower's fittings back and I'm waiting for new ones, so I'm now test fitting and final measuring everything before assembling :)


And I want to say THANKS to all of you supporting me! :)

IMCustoms reached first 2 milestones,

Got more than 100Likes

Got more than 1000views

And also I want to invite everyone that still don't know about those stuff to join and check them out ;)

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