To garfx32. Overclocking and Ram Ratios.

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If you could, I'd like you to help me with overclocking both the RAM and CPU. I only put it up to 3.2 because at 3.3 it was quite unstable. The Voltage was 1.6V at default.. it doesn't stay stable; meanders down into the 1.5s sometimes. Anyway, is there anything I can do to get this higher, without risking the safety of my processor more than it already is?


Here are the details of my OC with the 2.8C. At ram ratio 1:1. that is without timing selected in BIOS, my only stable FSB was 215 = 3.01 Ghz. This is with stock voltage 1.525V and Ram running at 430 data rate.

However I've turned the BIOS ram timing from 400 -> 320 (5:4) ratio and upped the FSB to 260 to give a final of 3.64 Ghz. voltage at 1.55V. with a ratio of 5:4, it means the rams are running at (260 x 2 / 5) x 4 = 416 data rate.

As you can see theoretically, the ram can go up to 430. That means I still have some room to OC, but upon trying a higher voltage and higher FSB combo, the machine failed to boot at 270 FSB. It got too scary and I just leave it at 260 heh.

The ability to OC a particular chip also depends on its steppings and lot. The one I have is D1 stepping. to find out the lot number, read the box label. To fine out more info about your CPU, google on CPU-Z. For the CPU OC database check this:

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To amend, my ambient now in hong kong is 24C, the cpu idles at 29C, load at 47C. I am using the XDreamIII HSF from coolermaster with arctic silver 5 cured.

May your OC journey be prosperous (oh boy time for some more ST:TNG haha)

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