best 120mm case fan for horizontal mounting?

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n2bsprcool    0

I have a case fan currently mounted on the top of the case as an exhaust fan. It's making some annoying a** noises now and driving me crazy. If I reverse it, it is completely silent, except it now makes it an intake fan, which I don't want on the top.


I'm thinking of replacing it. Anyone have recommendations of fans that do not make terrible noises when mounted horizontally?



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n2bsprcool    0

So I went to Fry's and bought 4 of the JetFlo 120's. They are really nice! Ice White LEDs look awesome in the case, and they are extremely quiet.


Except... again the horizontally (upside down?) mounted one in the top of the case I'm using as an exhaust fan. It's very noisy. I know it's just not meant to be mounted this way.


Does anyone have a suggestion to a fan that would work mounted this way and not make noise?


I can't be the only one experiencing this problem.

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Well, there are many points I can put forward to check while buying the best case fans. But as you said, you are particularly talking about the one which doesn't create a lot of noise or in other terms quietest case fan. So My choice would be 


Arctic F12 PWM

Arctic F12 PWM 120mm Case Fan



  • It has an anti-vibration mounting system.
  • It has a very unique blade design which provides more cooling.
  • Aesthetically well designed.



  • It uses a two fan system mechanism.
  • It won't fit smaller case sizes.





be quiet bl070 silentwings 3 - A Practically Silent Case Fan



  • It is perfect for small or medium size cases
  • It is very quiet because of the fluid mechanism and bearing design
  • It has 4 pin connector which in turn gives you more control options 



  • None as of now, but to be honest My friend notices some little noise, but NOT ME




both of them have topmost level performance and known for their quiet nature.


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