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[Tower mod] Project Vader. -in process-

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XrZrX    0
Let me introduce to you Project Vader. That's right this little storm trooper is all grown up.


This is one of my first full -almost- completed projects, and has gone through many changes in the process. I will try and catch this log up over the next couple of days. 


Alright lets start with a list of hardware 


Cooler Master Storm Trooper 

Cooler Master V1000

Asus 990fx Crosshair V Formula 

Amd 1100t

Evga 670ftw 4gb 

Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1866

OCZ 90gb vertex 3

WD 1tb black 

WD 1tb blue 

WD 600gb raptor 

Phobya fan controller 

Cougar Fans 


Custom loop includes:

Phobya dc12-400 pump

Phobya res 

Alphacool st360 + xt240

XSPC raystorm cpu block 

Watercool heatkiller 680 block

Mostly xspc fittings 

couple of bitspower fittings 

Primochill red 7/16-5/8 tube

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