140xl ignores ALL bios fan speed settings

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NickNasc    0

Same issue I have seen everywhere but no answers so I come to the source.  No matter what fan speeds I set in bios the fans run at 1800 +  THE NOISE IS DRIVING ME NUTS.   


Cpu fan is hooked to pump running on SMART  7K +/-    The Double fans set up in push pull are on cpu fan 2  


Tried SMART ,  Adjusting to each level in temps , Auto AND OVERRIDE static speeds..............




All other fans operate properly.  The temps in my case are all good.  CPU idles in the 30s 


SO how is this fixed?  My old cooler could do this at 100% and ROARING Fans 24/7 and it only cost $30 bucks.


Any Ideas?

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CM Jerry    43



Did you hook two fans via fan controller or directly connecting with mobo?

And, could you please help take a photo about what you mentioned?


Jetflo fans are PWM fans and RPM is adjustable. We will check your issue and reply soon.

Thanks :)

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