Cosmos 2 No Perspex Window Panel Available from Coolermaster

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Hello Marco,


ya we could finish a Sidepanel for you. Look signatur and send me an email. We also located in germany. 

@ Pim


your version of sidepanel is also depended on your own imagination, i also like it and i actually must mod this one also..^^

the 1st look makes hungry to see the rest of oyur nice hardware .. behind the Window.. :glasses8: 




Danke Pim, für deine Antwort. Wie kann ich deine E-mail haben? Ich möchte der Preis kennen, sowie die mögligkeiten um zu personalisieren, zum Beispiel, kann ich ein paar von kleinen Logos (Asus und MSI) gravieren in der Fenster von Plexiglas? Ich warte deine Antwort. Tschüß...

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Doogle    0

Hi Custom,


Thanks for the share. I also have a 'custom Cosmos II Side Panel' since last month. 



Hi, Pim

I was wondering where you got your case modded, if they have a website or an email I could contact them at? Looking to get a window panel like that myself. Thanks

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Evening all. I am almost done butchering my door, then comes the 2 toned window. Hoping all will come out as I invisioned. If any are interested I'll post progress as I have the time ,(2 jobs and a family), anyway I was hoping for some help. I ruined the finish in a couple of spots and wanted to know if there was anything I could do for cover up or am I stuck with painting the whole door? Any help would be very appreciated.


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