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Cool Drive 6: some small trouble ?

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I installed my CD6 yesterday, no errors whatsoever ...

Fan 1 => Zalman 7000CU cpu-fan

Fan 2 => Papst 120mm outtake case-fan

Fan 3 => HDD

Fan 4 => Nforce chipset fan

temp 1 => cpu-temp (fastened on the side of the cpu heatspreader)

temp 2 => casetemp

temp 3 => outtake-temp (outside case)

temp 4 => outtake-temp from graka (arctic nv5 silencer) (outside case)

Some pics:

My cpu:

Zalman cooler:

Applied AS5 ceramique + temp sensor:

Airflow (intake fan not visible, front)


1) Software is giving errors. This is what I see:

2) The idle-text message => how does this work ? What does the time do? Is this the number of seconds before going into idle mode ?

3) Cpu temp readout is 35° Could this be accurate (being attached to the cpu-heatspreader) ? Speedfan, MBM5, Everest, ... are giving me higher temps, but my msi mobo is known for its wrong temp-readouts ...

Kind regards

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I can't answer all of your questions, but I can tell you that you will see lower temps on the CoolDrive 6 for your CPU than your motherboard will give. The temp sensor is going to be inherently less accurate because the sensor is close to the CPU (attached to the heatsink), but not right on it. I should think the temperature would be accurate within a few degrees, tho, so your actual CPU temp is probably a few degrees higher than the CoolDrive is reading.

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