Cooler Master V8 GTS

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hey guys i have a few questions regarding this cooler


  • which fans from CM could i use as a replacement fan for the stock fans that come on this cooler
  • is it possible to change the colors on the cooler to blue
  • would this heatsink fit in the NZXT phanton 410 cabinet with the asus sabertooth 990 FX mobo and the R9-280X video card.



Thanks for all the help.

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The V8 GTS is 166.5 mm tall, and based on the spec sheet, the NZXT phantom 410 supports 170 mm tall coolers.


An R9 280X GPU shouldn't be any different than other GPUs, so it should be fine.


I don't have any experience with the Sabertooth 990 FX though, so I can't comment on that one, sorry!



As for changing fans out, I don't think the V8 GTS is compatible with other fans. And for the LED colors, you would have to do some soldering and install the LEDs yourself. 



Hopefully this helps.

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thanks but what if the fan gets spoilt/dies there must be some replacement fan you could use?


Yea, replacement fans are sold at the CM online store


Here are the links for the US store:


And at the EU store: (somehow there's no front and rear fan differentiation at the EU store)

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