Asus N55SL cooling options

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Osogon    0

Hello everyone,


I am looking for advice on a cooling option for my Asus N55SL laptop, whether it's an external fan/cooling pad or some other solution.

The air inlet vents are located front side (a main one situated on the front - left side ) and there is a larger yet less efficient vent in the expansion bay, situated underneath.

I am currently using a Hama single fan laptop cooling pad, that rotates at 600 RPM and its not helping at all. It was my first try and it completely missed its target. Am now thinking of purchasing the Cool Master Note Pal U3, but i have some doubts about the fan positioning.


Anyone with knowledge or someone with my same laptop please leave your replies below.

Thank you

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knud    129

The Notepal U3 is a good choice: you can re-position the fans as you like or need :)

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