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Star Citizen

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knud    128

Anyone else who is following (or even playing already) Star Citizen development?

In short: It's Chris Roberts (from Wing Commander, Freelancer) next Epic Space game. It will be an online game, MMO even I would say.

You can do lots of stuff, from exploring to mining, from smuggling to hunting that bounty. (and not everything is revealed yet.)


I'm a backer myself (since october 2012) and I'm flying around in the pre-alpha Arena Commander module. Which is a lot of fun, but also lots of controls to master. Basic flying is easy, but power or shield management is still a challenge to do.


My current fleet only contain 2 ships: Aurora LN and the Origin 300i.

I'm planning to unlock some other ships when the game goes live - I really want more ship, but I've already spend 100$ on this game and it's only pre-alpha :)


If you haven't seen any footage yet, this video is quite nice:


And more info can be found here:


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world    84

I'm looking forward to Star Citizen, but I haven't backed it. I hope it becomes everything it promises though-- I really miss sci-fi simulation games! (I'm a Mechwarrior fan :P)


Also, I'm really looking forward to Oculus Rift (or another VR system) integration with the game. This kind of game is a perfect match for VR headsets

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