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I bought the wrong Aquagate CPU Cooler

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noskill    0
You can get hold of a transformer that is not big is size or heavy to convert from your 220V to 110V... You can look into a transformer only since AG most likely transforms those 110V down further, rectify it from AC to DC and keep the power clean without so you don't need any extra add ons:


Now, the one on the picture is just to give you an idea of the type and size. Any good electrical hardware shop in Holland would keep it or maybe try your local RS Component shop at:

Get something to build it into and some connectors for the power in and out and of you go...

Don't forget about earthing the yellow/green cable all the way either... Might save you life one day....

Hope it helps.

That sounds like a good idea, however im not a Engineer i have no idea what this all means. As you might know they have a power cable that goes between the real power cable and the PSU, and ends with a 8 looking connector. is it possible to put that thing between there somewhere. so my computer uses 220V and my aquagate 110V?

I still want to hear some solutions from the coolermaster people, but i'm going to sort this out. Sounds like a good idea Johan, thanks!

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Johan    0

I do not have any Aquagate myself but Danger Den so I do not really know how it is all connected together. However, if the AG is connected to the wall socket a transformer can be your solution. How it looks internala does not matter in this case.

You can with ease, as an alternative to a transformer, find a ready made solution since there are plenty of 220V/110V adapters out there... You can look at the link I gave you and they would have it too I would assume.

To modify AG is possible from 110V to 220V, but the problem is that those components you need to change are not easy to find and you would need to solder I suppose too...

It would be a way more difficult solution than an adapter.

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