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Hey there everyone! Very thankful and grateful to be sponsored by Cooler Master for my current build Cyprus 29. Cooler Master generously sent me a HAF Stacker and a new VSM750w Semi-modular power supply. I was asked to review the power supply and share it with the community, so without anything further lets take a look at the VSM750. 


First thing I want to do is show you the box and everything on it.






The Japanese Capacitor advertisement which is pretty common from most gold rated power supplies.




Here are the specifications. They are hard to make out since I reduced the resolution to share on the forums, so I will share the photo and type out the specs for you. 






Model : R5-750-AMAA-01

Type : Intel Form Factor ATX 12v V2.31

PFC : Active ( >0.9 typical )

Input Voltage : 100-240Vac

Input Current : 10-5A

Input Frequency : 47-63Hz

Dimensions : 150mm x 140mm x 86mm / 5.6" x 5.5" x 3.4"

Fan Type : 120mm 2 ball-bearing fan

Power Good Signal : 100-500ms

Hold up time : >16ms

Efficiency : 90% @ Typical load

MTBF : >100,000 hrs





Now here we have the fan curve graph and the efficiency curve located on the back of the box. It also gives you a look at the connectors and some information on the efficiency. I will show the connectors coming up in my review.





Now we can move on to the actual power supply. Check it out, void the warranty and tear it down =D








Everything was wrapped and packaged in plastic inside of the power supply box which is pretty standard. 


As we get into the package, laying on top is the manual: 




Now its not a big rugged booklet, but it seems decently informative. It shows the power and amperage for all 4 power levels for this supply, 450w, 550w, 650w, and 750w. It also has a voltage pin out for every ATX connector on the power supply! That is super handy especially if you are a modder like me. This way if you have a multimeter you never have to worry about installing your pins incorrectly and are able to quickly troubleshoot them. I definitely like that.


Here is everything that comes in the box, I'll show you some shots of the power supply and explain the connectors on it.




The finish on the power supply is a nice flat powder coating with logos on the sides. 


Being a semi-modular supply, some of the cables are soldered to the power supply and some are attached via connectors as you need them. In the case of this supply the Molex and Sata power cables are modular and you only need to use what is necessary. The cables attached to the power supply include the 24-pin motherboard power cable, the 4+4 CPU cable, and two cables with two 6+2 on each cable for a total of four 6+2 pin connectors.













Now I am going to go ahead and disassemble the power supply, modding time, lets void this warranty!


You have 4 screws on top, along with 4 more fan screws, then three on the side where the cables are. Once the screws are removed slide the top half of the shell up and out. 











Once the top is off you can see that that sleeving this power supply should be pretty easy, the cables are all parallel to their connection termination points. The only thing about the cables here is thats I think there should be some kind of grommet where the cables come out of power supply. It also helps being that it is semi-modular rather than having no modularity. This makes sleeving the wires a lot easier since there are less cables actually traveling inside the power supply.


Last thing I did was put a meter on the cables and verify the voltages. I attached my jumper to the 24-pin cable to power up the supply. Once I had the meter going I tested the 12v , 5v , and 3v leads. Everything was legit and in spec. Also when the power supply was on it was basically silent, the fan is dead quiet. I had to double check that the unit was actually on. That was pretty impressive,









I wanted to get some oscilloscope readings but it was hooked up to some other projects and I couldn't get ahold of it for this. Maybe next time I review a power supply I can get some scope readings! So far I am yet to be disappointed with Cooler Master, this is a great power supply at a great price, retailing at 109.99 on From modularity, to a nice finish, to the ease of sleeving, and overall this is an awesome supply for gamers and modders alike. I am excited to get this power supply sleeved up with my paracord and get it in my rig. It is dependable, efficient, and with its gold rating it will last long and will run the hardware I need for this current build.


Rating: 9.5/10 


I only took off a little bit because I would of like to see grommet where the wires come out of the power supply. Also technically The GPU cables could have also been made modular and just have the Motherboard and CPU cables hard wired. Neither complaint is that big of a deal and I would definitely recommend this power supply!


I hope you got some information from this little write up on the Cooler Master VSM750W power supply. I am glad I did the review, now I know a lot more about the power supply than I would have if I didn't research it. 


Anyways thanks again Cooler Master for your generous contribution to my build! If you are interested in checking out the project here is a link to the Cyprus 29 build here on the CM forums.  Take care everyone!



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