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PSU Knowledge II - Environmental Specifications

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Environmental specifications refer to the conditions that the power supply requires in order to function properly (or in some case, conditions that must be met for the power supply even while it is in storage.)

Operating Temperature Range : The minimum and maximum acceptable ambient temperature range for the power supply while it is operating. (Ambient temperature means that of the room in which the power supply is functioning, not the temperature inside the power supply itself.) A typical range might be 0º C to 50º C (32º F to 122º F). Operating the power supply outside this temperature range could potentially lead to damage.

Storage Temperature Range: The minimum and maximum acceptable temperature range for the unit when in storage. If it is specified, this range will typically be wider on one end or the other than the operating temperature range. Don't assume that if this is not listed, that the manufacturer doesn't care about its storage temperature. :^) Ask, and if you cannot get the answer, the safest thing is to use the operating temperature range for the storage temperature.

Warning: When storing components in very cold temperatures, they should be acclimated before being put into service to avoid damage due to condensation from the sudden temperature change.

Humidity Range: Acceptable humidity range for operation of the power supply. A typical specification might be "10% to 90% RH" where the abbreviation stands for "relative humidity". Excessive humidity destroys computer equipment.

Altitude Range: Some manufacturers specify a range of acceptable altitudes for use of the equipment. This is rarely an issue unless you plan to drag your tower PC onto an airplane or climb Mt. Everest with it on your back or something. :^)

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