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Fan placement on a cosmos II with a corsair h110

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Hello this is my first post on a build forum. I do admit I went with the bigger is better attitude when I got the Corsair H110. When I built my system I installed the radiator and fans in a easiest way to get them in there at the time. Now its time to figure out what I did and maybe how I could do it better. I have the radiator set up on the top of my Cooler Master Cosmos 2 case with one fan in a pull and one fan in a push configuration but I do not really know if this is the best method. Any suggestions would be very welcome as I am a novice builder. 





Here is my build 

CPU: intel core i7 3930k

mother board:  ASUS P9 X 79WS 

graphics cards: ASUS Direct CU II top GTX 680

PSU: Corsair AX 1200i

Ram: Corsair dominator platinum 4X 8g 



I have used all stock fans plus A 4 pack of cooler master silent fan 120 SI2.


any suggestions on fan placement would be very welcome.

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world    84



There are a few configurations that I think people consider to be the best, but there isn't necessarily a complete consensus when it comes to the best way to set up your fans. I think if you want optimal performance, you want your radiator at the top and having it push air down into the case. There might not be enough space in the Cosmos 2 to do a push-pull configuration at the top unless you start blocking a bit of your motherboard, but that would provide the best cpu cooling. Otherwise, a push configuration would work well. There's the option of having air be pulled out of the top of the case, but that means you're recycling warm air into the radiator. I'm curious as to why you decided on a one push one pull setup for the H110, since I haven't seen that configuration used before.


If you have air being pushed into the case from the top, you'll probably want your back fan to be an exhaust to keep the warm air from pooling in the case. If you have air being pulled out the top, then you'll want the back fan to be an intake to try to give as much fresh, cool air to the radiator as possible.


Front fans should be intake fans, and the fans at the bottom hard drives should also be intakes. 


Since your gpu does not have a blower-type fan, the gpu fans can be exhaust or intake depending on the location of your gpu. If your GPU is at the top slot, it'll be above the gpu fans, so you'll want them as intakes. If you have the GPU in a lower slot where it's maybe in the middle or near the bottom of the fans, an exhaust works very well, since the fans will remove the hot air dumped by the GPU, preventing it from sitting in your case for too long. 


When it comes to balancing the airflow (positive pressure, negative pressure, neutral), my opinion is that positive pressure is optimal, since it keeps dust out if you have dust filters. Neutral pressure is also really hard to achieve :P In case you're not familiar with the terms, positive pressure is when you have more intake pressure from your fans than exhaust, and negative pressure is the opposite- so more exhaust pressure than intake pressure. 


Hope this helps :) If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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villrein    0

Hi, I actually want to install the new Corsair H110i in my Cosmos 2 case; does anyone know for certain (ideally through having done it themselves) whether this new cooler will fit the Cosmos 2?

I have read on this and other forums that the Cosmos 2 accepts the H110 cooler from Corsair, and if that's true I think that my chances of fitting the H110i are pretty good, but I'm not certain and would like to be.

If it fits I'm going to put the radiator underneath and the two included fans on top under the case's top cover in a "Pull"-type Configuration as (once again, I'm not certain about this though) I think that will work as well as any other configuration and also that that's the only way this arrangement will fit in the case (?).

Any informed advice would be appreciated.

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Pclinde    197

Hi Villrein,


I am not sure if this will fit. Your motherboard the ASUS P9 X 79WS has a big heatsink around the CPU/RAM area. I think this will block one 'Pull' fan on the inside. 


My Rig (also a Cosmos II, Gigabyte Z97X-SOC-FORCE and a custom loop, I believe the thickness is 40 mm).




I think it will block one, or even both fans. Reason: the heatsink.


Cheers, Pim

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