Skip Kniley

Installing the Nepton 280L with an incompatible HAF X 942

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Skip Kniley    4

I posted a step by step photo journal of a very simple mod that allows the successful installation if the Nepton 280L in a HAF X 942


A more detailed account is posted in the "CASE" topic in the CM Forum. I've attached a few photos of the results. Tried pasting the original post here, but that doesn't work. Also tried to use a URL in the IMAGE option box but that stalled too.


... since I can't find the original, more detailed post I wanted to state a few other points not depicted in these two photos.


- The mounting bar is bevel cut on two corners to clear the top fan rings.

- I took care selecting the mounting bar thickness so there would e no interference with the rotating top-fan blades.



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