Cosmos II GPU-heavy build

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Hey guys, I'm starting a new build, so I thought I'd post some pictures of it and some commentary :)


Here are some specs:

Cosmos II case

MSI Z87 MPower Motherboard

Intel i5 4670k

3x AMD 280x GPU

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer CPU Cooler

2x 64 gb Toshiba OEM SSD Raid 0



I haven't figured out how much ram to get yet, so I'm just recycling some old ram in the meantime :P

I'm also working on getting some harddrives :P



The main point of this system was to do GPU computations, host a couple game servers and act as a file server, so I got a 4670k instead of a 4770k. I might upgrade later, but my budget is going towards more GPU power for now!


I don't have access to a nice camera and lighting, so my pictures will be grainy (phone cameras are bad :P ).


I've been busy today, so I haven't had time to work on the build much, but here are a couple pics to start off. As you can see, the box of the cosmos 2 is huge! I included a banana for scale :)




Here's a quick look inside the box!










Here's the cosmos compared to a small Lian Li case




Inside the case. This thing is huge! Also, check out that bundle of cables :P





Some impressions on this case:


Wow, is it huge! I've typically only worked with mid-towers and mATX, so it's an even bigger jump up. The attention to detail on this case is staggering though. Everything seems to be thought out well and there are just so many features. I really like the sliding cover that goes over the power button and fan controller buttons:




The sliding mechanism is very satisfying to move back and forth. It's fun just pushing it around to get the springy feeling! Similarly, the door that blocks the front bays has a sliding mechanism that feels really high class. It's held up magnetically, and once the magnets are disengaged, the door slides slowly downward. 


13 harddrive bays is a ridiculous number, but being able to remove all of them by choice is what's great! All of the harddrive bays are removable with just a few screws, so depending on the type of cooling you have, you can use it for other things, like a radiator or pump or reservoir for water cooling.


There were a few minor issues I had with my unit that's probably specific to my unit. For example, one of the bays on the hot-swappable front panel unit had a grindy sound when I opened it. Turns out, if I screw in one of the screws that hold the unit in the bay in all the way, the end of the screw gets in the way of the door mechanism. Not a big deal though, I just loosened it a bit. 


Even though I had expected the Cosmos II to be a heavy case, it was still way heavier than I expected. I even looked up the weight, but after picking up and holding the case, I got a realistic idea of how heavy it was. (almost 50 lbs!) I feel the weight is more or less required for a case this big and with this much stuff in it though, and with the handles at the top, it's really not that bad to pick up. If the case didn't have the handles, it would be impossible to carry anywhere :P



More to come!

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Here are pictures of some of the internal parts.


I picked up an MSI Z87 MPower motherboard since it was on sale for a ridiculous price at a local store.




A closer picture of the motherboard.




Initial impressions on the motherboard:

I wasn't a huge fan of the yellow at first, but it's kind of grown on me :P The black will definitely match well with the Cosmos II's all-black interior though. The board feels solid and the heat sinks have a really nice rough grain texture to them. The 3 full size PCIE slots on the motherboard will let me plug in the 3 GPUs without clearance issues. I was hoping to fit 4 in, but I would have had to spend $100 more to get a motherboard with another full size slot.


The motherboard in the case. The full-ATX board looks so small in the Cosmos!




Mounting an all-in-one closed loop cooler and a large exhaust fan up top :)




Further back




With a GPU in!




With 2 GPUs in!




Put in a third GPU and plugged in the power! Too bad they don't all match :( It's so hard to get 280x these days! I'm enjoying all of the grommets and holes cut out for the cable management. Other than the GPU cables, you can't see to much of the other stuff :)




More to come!


Waiting for some parts still, so give I'll update when I get more!

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So, the computer is fully up and running. Here's a shot of it in action :) I'm testing a camera my friend lent me, but I think the picture came out decently for being at night with no lights in the hallway :P




I'm still looking into making some changes to it, but I think it's not going too badly right now :) My GPUs have been running for quiet some time now with computations, and the Cosmos has been able to handle the heat! It's around 750w power draw/heat dump from the GPUs, so that's quite a bit of airflow required. I might look into getting some 120mm jetflo fans to improve the cooling even more, and also to match up all of my fans :P (I have a bunch of types of fans in the case). Also hoping for the 140 mm jetflo to come out, so I can replace the back fan, which seems to have a low CFM. The 200mm fan at the top is doing a good job, but I think it needs a higher RPM to push out more heat than it currently is, but when the heat starts pooling a bit, the rear fan can handle it just fine. 


Please let me know if you want certain angles or whatever of the case! I'll probably take a couple more shots when it's light out since I don't have a lamp near the computer for good lighting

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