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CM Jerry

[Repost] Play the Playstation in your office? It's real...

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CM Jerry    43

Hey guys, 


Do you know the world's smallest Playstation, Sony PS Vita TV was released last week?

It's quite small and light, the size is just like a card reader!



And, I found a article on a website teaching you how to play this small thing in the office!

Yes, IN THE OFFICE! Just try it~


Original content is Chinese as below but I just translate parts of it if roughly with photos~




The shape seems like a Card Reader, just treat it as a accessory!



The machine is small enough to be covered by a piece of business card, no body know what it



How to play


The staff looks like working hard, but...



What? She is playing a game...



No one knows actually she is playing with a controller under table...  



How to install


Connect to HDMI and power supply then you can play, easy~easy~



Built-in Wi-Fi function makes buying and downloading games more convenient.



Don't forget to prepare a monitor with dual HDMI connectors, it helps you switch between working and playing quickly...



When boss comes...


Just turn it off if something happens, you know...



Attention: please play some games like RPG or brainstorming, DO NOT plat ACT games in the office!!! 



Finally, please remember not all PS vita games support PS Vita TV~


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Ariolander    0

Heh. I would connect the device to a HDMI switch, maybe rig up a foot pedal.


Leave the PC on some Spreadsheets or work related stuff then when someone walks by just tap back to your desktop and pretend you were working all along!

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CM Jerry    43

Ha~this way is just for your reference!

I'd rather enjoy it in the living room or bedroom instead of office.

But if someone wanna play in the office, yap, this is a better way to pretend you are working hard~ :lol:

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