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Stealth MKII

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Falqoon    0

Welcome and thanks for sharing your mod worklog here. 

Please keep going and looking forward to your next update  :) 


Thanks! :D

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Falqoon    0

Here's an update!


Today i received my last laser cut plexi parts from MWM. I attached the decals on them, and assembled them into the case. My measurements and design were good, everything fits, very happy with that.


Also i added a small thingy in the build. A Corsair Dominator ram cooler, and of course i modded 'm a bit to the theme of the case :).


So, whats new in this update?

- Plextor M2S 256GB SSD mounted + styled

- Front plate (internal) now has a fan hole to blow some air over the GPU's

- on the back (internal) i now also have a white plexi cover

- Adjusted a Corsair Dominator ram cooler to give some extra coolness (in both ways :D)

- Changed the screws (gpu plate, and fan grills) to a rvs sunk screw with a red metallic washer

- Finished the last GPU cable, they're done now

- GPU backplates done + mounted




I think the build is coming along pretty nice!



On to the pictures:


GPU Backplate :D



SSD Cover



Some cool but small vinyl decals on it :)



Looks neat!



Assembled the stuff!












Sorry that i'm only posting 9 pics, but its to dark now to take good pictures.


I hope you like the result as much as i do!


Cya on the next update folks! :)

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Falqoon    0

Up and running!


The build is running like a charm! (for now *knocks on wood*)


Yesterday evening I assembled everything together.


I still need to do a nice side panel, but I'm still trying to get an original left side panel for this case which can't be bought separately yet. In the left sidepanel I can cut my own shape because in that one there isn't a fan mounting place, so I won't be limited by that. I hope it won't take to long to get it!


I still need to do a good photo session but for the ones that can't wait I made some phone pics.


Personally I think the build turned out pretty well, I'm very happy with it. If I had more budget I could have done some better tubing, but I'm far over my budget and currently I'm saving everything for furniture and other stuff because i'm looking for a house with my girl to move out and live together.










Cya on the next update and photo session!

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Falqoon    0

Pre final fotos are here!


I shot a couple of photo's for you guys. I'm very happy how the project turned out.


For now there is not much to talk about, just enjoy the pictures.



























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