Adding more stock LED fans to Trooper

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Mmarcabian    0

I'm looking to mount a total of six stock Cooler Master fans with two pin LED to my trooper.  I'd like to keep them all on the control panel.

I know that the three pin leads will support two fans (or even three) per channel just fine, as far as fan power goes. 

My question is whether I can split the two pin LED on/off  leads, and if so how many ways?


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knud    128

Fans you can split indeed. 2 or 3 per channel should be okay - but you might need to experiment with it. All depends if you need them to run at full speed all the time.

Make sure to buy the correct fans:


As for the LED connection: This is something I need to check in more details and need to double-check with CM directly. I will update this thread as I have more information.


Some more 3rd party info:


And apologies for the late replay :)

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