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Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

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CM Jerry    43

Hello everyone, 


Would you like to know the latest CoolerMaster cooling product in CES 2014 but you can't be there? No problem, you can see the product in CM forum as well!!!

In CES 2014, CoolerMaster will announce several cooling products including the new Glacer 360L with higher performance, just check the product and rough spec as below~  


l   Exclusive design by Cooler Master.

l   A complete All-in-One closed loop cooler and no need to fill and seal.




l   Performance 360mm radiator is designed for handling high wattage overclocked CPUs.

l   Copper waterblock with copper/brass radiator for excellent heat dissipation.




l   High performance expandable system can be upgraded to cool other components.

l   Tuned for top performance with a 3500 rpm pump system.


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CM Jerry    43

I think the Glacer 360L should be huge but the performance must be excellent undoubtedly.

Do you have a big enough chassis to install it? :lol:

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CM Jerry    43

Oh, you have a Trooper? Are you a hardcore gamer? :) 

Btw, I'm not sure if the Trooper is big enough, maybe need a bigger case~

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