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Why Notepal matters

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Guest CM Lihan   
Guest CM Lihan

This is you using laptop at the office and that is why your neck stiff and your back is always in pain. 


Get the chair height right and adjust the top of the screen level to your eye level. 


This is you chatting with friends on sofa, looks cozy but actually it hurts your neck, back and knee.


Put a firm cushion behind your back, so that you can scoot all the way back and have the crease behind your knees at the front edge. A nice notepal under the laptop can avoid the laptop burning your legs too.


Here is a cute video of Ergonomic Tips for Laptop Users, those handful and simple little tips will help you fight fatigue and joint pains in daily life.

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Laptops by themselves are some of the least ergonomic things out there :P


The guy on top needs some kind of wrist support though, or else he's gonna have a lot of fatigue in his forearm :)

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