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Jordan    0

Hi Daniel thanks for the reply unfortunately it doesn't fit in the case however I did resolve the issue by having the fan the was in the way of the 8 pin CPU connectore on the outside of the case

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Eric Tu    1

I got Nepton 120XL yesterday, my cpu temp drop 30C @CINEBENCH CPU TEST (compare to Intel stock fan), Very nice performance and no noise.  :lol:


Case: CM Silencio 550 mid tower

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790








My Nepton 120XL




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Roger Haas    0

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but evidently you do not use the backplate AT ALL if installing on an LGA 2011 v3 board, correct?


I watched all the videos on installing the 240M, but not one is for the 2011 v3. Happened to catch the included instructions out of the corner of my eye and saw for LGA 2011 you screw the standoffs directly into the CPU retaining mechanism. At least I think. No backplate needed for the 2011 v3, right?


Going to proceed and check the thread in a bit for an answer. Thanks in advance for any responses! Been pulling my hair out for an hour... :)


edit: NEVERMIND!!! Searched the thread and got my answer. No backplate needed. Wish I'd seen that before removing the motherboard. The HAF X covers some of the holes on the bottom of the mobo once it's installed. Thought I had to pull it out to get the backplate on, then noticed I couldn't get the backplate on anyways, because the holes don't go through to the other side. WHEW! Going to comment on the backplate installation vid that you don't need it for the 2011 v3. May prevent some other unsuspecting system builder from having a heart attack like me!

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Eric Tu    1

CPU Burn In test again :D

My Nepton 120XL performance @ windows 10 using CINEBENCH R15 cpu test

CPU: Intel i7-4790
MB: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H
CASE: CM Silencio 550
COOLER: CM Nepton 120 XL

Systen Idle (CPU 1%):
CPU temp: 25°C
FAN speed: 864rpm
PUMP speed: 1696rpm

Burn In (CPU 100%):
CPU temp: 47°C   <---   great performance  :D 
FAN speed: 1464rpm
PUMP speed: 2528rpm

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Eric Tu    1

Based on my Nepton 120XL success experience :D​ , I changed my AMD system stock cooler to Seidon 120V, Setup Fan Speed 50% under 60C in BIOS, pump speed 100%, Working efficiency and so silence. icon_cheers.gif


My Seidon 120V for AMD system


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It's a Year and 3 moths now ! My Nepton 280L Still Perform Great :D

Also i'm using Backplate from my Sabertooth (that one with Ceramique cover) ofcorse it's Customised, but was worth a while (difficult to fit all together)

Now My Nepton 280L Performs even Better !

THX CM :ph34r:

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So, I have a Nepton 120XL that was mounted in my i7 rig until I burnt out the CPU (don't ask), and now I'm hoping to shuffle it over to my AMD setup, however...

I have lost the two metal pieces that the cooling block screws in to. Is there any way of purchasing a set of these or someone here who has mounted one on intel and no longer needs their AMD frame? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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