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Hi everyone,


Is there compatibility issues between Cooler Master Nepton 120 XL and my m-ITX MSI Z97i Gaming ACK motherboard? (1150 socket)

On the backside of the motherboard there are small components that prevent assembly of the backside support frame for the CPU cooler. If the cooler support frame is mounted the small components will be crushed.

What am i missing? Should there be some small washers that they are not showing in any installation videos or is Nepton 120 XL not compatible with the m-ITX MSI Z97i Gaming ACK motherboard? (1150 socket)?



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Pclinde    197



Ouch, this is painful! There are no additional parts for this issue. Maybe you can modify the plastic clip, or is the metal bracket also touching the motherboard / microchip? If so, be careful this will cause an electrical short.


Cheers, Pim

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Hi guys!

I'm a newbie planning to get a Nepton 120XL; I red the whole thread but I still have some questions about the installation and I hope you veterans can answer them.

My components, for the matter at hand are:

Case CM K280
Mobo Asus H97 Plus
Fan CM JetFlo 120
GPU Zotac GTX980 AMP

I hope there should be no problem fitting the cooler to the case, I'm still wondering if it might be a good idea to fix the "pull" fan outside of the case, to have more clearance and allow a better cooling of the GPU, which tends to get quite hot.

As you might know my mobo has only three fan headres, one for the cpu and two for the chassis, all PWM.
I've red many conflicting recommendation about the correct cabling, but based on the more widespread opinion I should plug the pump to the cpu header and the two Silencio with the bundled Y splitter to one of the chassis headers, right?

I'd love to be able to keep my jetflo on the front and the other on the side pannel, both in intake, but this would require another Y cable. I've heard of somebody connecting the pump straight to the PSU with a molex adapter, would you recommend this? This way I think the pump will always run at full speed, will this cause damage to the pump?
I'm also worried that this way if the pump fails I would not get any warning and the system will keep humming happily until it melted itself... :-)

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Best Regards.

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Daniel Rudd    0

Recently been doing a mini-itx build for home media (spec at end of post), everything is good just needed to get and install some cooling so I:

  • Purchased a Nepton 240M & installation went smooth
  • Booted & tested temperatures: showed CPU 43C at IDLE (Not great... the box says 43C at 100% CPU Load NOT IDLE!!!!!)
  • Constant ticking sound coming from the pump which sits at 2000-2100 rpm (Fans running fine)
  • Attempted to reduce temperature by increasing rpm on fans/pump - NO DECREASE IN TEMP -  No increase in RPM for pump & fans on max rpm 2300
  • Removed/cleaned/remounted pump to CPU with new thermal paste and cleaned with 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Booted & tested temperatures: showed CPU 43C at IDLE (Still the same)

I have been advised by numerous people that this is a faulty pump, so I am going to get the serial number and attempt a warranty replacement as this is really not great  :(


What temperatures should the CPU & MoBo be averaging at IDLE?

Considering my work pc (Intel i5 4570) is idling 34C with standard fan cooler


If you want any more details regarding any temps or voltage readings let me know!   :)


Build Spec:

CPU: Intel i7 4790k - 4Ghz

PSU: Corsair RM Series - 650W Modular - 80 Plus Gold

Cooling: Cooler Master Nepton 240M - Faulty?!?!
MoBo: MSI Z97I Gaming Ack - Mini-ITX

RAM: HyperX Fury Series DDR3 1866Mhz - 1x8GB
SSD: Samsung Evo 850 2.5" - 120GB
Case: BitFenix - Prodigy
GFX: To follow once the build is stable...

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Steve Lewis    0

Daniel, I agree that your temps are high.


Here's my situation:


Case:  CM HAF 935 - With the 925 on top and 915 on bottom.

Cooling:  1.  Case Fans are two Jet-Flow 120 fans at the top of the 925 (one blowing IN, the other OUT), One Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM fan at top rear.  (I use Silverstone PWM splitters to connect multiple fans.)
 2.  CoolerMaster Nepton 240M FRONT-MOUNTED with its JetFlow 120s on the inside ("pull") plus two Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM fans added on the "push" side.  Full details of this build are at

CPU: i7-5820K (stock clocked)

RAM:  Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 2800MHz (PC4 2800)

PSU: be quiet! Dark Power Pro

GPU:  GTX 960 - factory OC'd

Win 8.1 Pro 64bit

I tried CoreTemp, but for some reason it REALLY FUBAR'd the OS (actually hogging CPU cycles and raising temps), so I switched to
HWINFO64, which has run without a glitch.


Idle:  25-27 degrees Celsius (22 degrees ambient)

Moderate load: ~55C

Peak:  (ripping 17 minutes of Hi-def video with Handbrake)
Core-0:  93C (nearly TJmax)
Core-1:  78C
Core-2:  91C
Core-3:  86C
Core-4:  85C
Core-5:  88C

Note:  There are, according to several posts I've seen, sample-to-sample variations in the i7-5XXX series, with some running hotter than others.
A CRITICAL MEASURE of the Nepton 240M's function is the time it takes to cool the CPU down from peak temps.  Mine has worked very well, taking no more than 8-10 seconds to drop the 5820K from peak down to idle temps.

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Jordan    0

Hi I'm new here and was wondering if anyone could help me I am looking at upgrading my cooling to the nepton 240m or the 280l now my issue is that I have the cm storm stryker and neither if these water coolers aren't listed in the compatibility part of the site, however I have been told it will fit however my motherboard has some raised parts around the CPU I'm not sure what there called but I'm worried they might get in the way.

I've posted an image that I hope helps. My motherboard is a Asus maximus vii ranger.

Can anyone help thanks


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a-a-ron    0

OK so I haven't been able to successfully find an answer anywhere for my question. 


What power settings does the pump on this need to run correctly. 

To clarify, my PUMP is plugged in on the CPU_Fan 4 pin fan plug on my Rampage III Gene mobo. What FAN SETTING IN MY BIOS should the pump be set at for optimal performance.


My only options are 0% through 100% power and the motherboard allocates as much power as the device draws so theoretically if i set the CPU_Fan power setting at 50% then the pump should spin at 50% of it's top speed. Currently I have it set at 75% (which conveniently is about 7500 RPM) when the cpu goes above 40°C and the fans speed up on a curve after that. I did that because I see that a TON of people blew their pumps.

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dwilko    5

Ahh I see I did this on mine your missing the rubber gasket for between the fans and the rad adds about 2-2.5 mm off the rad , although come to think of it there should be a set of shorter screws.

Ahh man necro post

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dwilko    5

Hello Jordan ignore their previous reply that was a case of me reading another post that was old and replying haha I'll help best I can , I have the cm storm scout 2 case and to fit the 240 for me was a case of have the rad inside the top of the case and the fans on the outside I'll post a pic hopefully that will help

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