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<Poll> What's the best CM power supply in 2013?

Your top choice for CM PSU in 2013  

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  1. 1. Your top choice for CM PSU in 2013

    • GM series
    • V Semi-Modular series
    • V series
    • GXII series

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It's good info to have, knowing more peices of the chain that goes into making the finished products, granted I don't expect that I'd care about the mine that mined the copper that sent it to the refinery that sent it to the capacitor part maker that sent it to the capacitor maker that sent it too... etc.


But it does go to show that making advance things like power supplies is a complex process.


As for what I'd like to see, the cleanest power possible it top priority for me when it comes to a PSU, even if it's not a super-high wattage. Modular is nice, but things like the 24 pin motherboard connector and CPU power connector don't need that, and there might be an advantage if they don't have an extra connection to go through when you know that's going to be attached in 99% of it's useage (the 1% being when using more than one power supply)

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