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[Scratch Build] Ice Blue Mod

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herwin88    0

For now i want to present my simple mod Ice Blue Tower with simple mod on watercooling , here is a little teaser for the parts im using :lol: (sorry if the pics blurry or not on focus)

I will list down the thing i use as material :

Material :

- 1sheet of acrylic 5mm 2x1m

- 2set of acrylic feet

- 2m of blue LED strip

- 7set of bitspower 10/12 tube fittings

- 7 EK PCS 90degree adapter

- 2 EK PCS 45degree adapter

- 2 Bitspower Multi-Transfer Base (Coupler)

- 4 Bitspower Silver Shiny Fillport

- 1 Bitspower Mini Valve Silver Shiny

- 1 Bitspower male-male g1/4" adapter

- 6 Coolermaster Jetflo 120 Fan (Blue LED)

Hardware :

- Mainboard : Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4

- Processor : AMD Richland A10-6800K

- Memory : Avexir 16Gb kit Core Series PC15000 1866Mhz (4gb x 4)

- Storage : OCZ Vector 128Gb SSD

- Graphics : Radeonâ„¢ HD 7790 Black Edition 1Gb DDR5

- PSU : Seasonic G-550 550W Modular

Liquid system :

- CPU Block : EK-Supremacy Elite Full Nickel - AMD

- Radiator : EK Supremacy Coolstream PE 360

- Reservoir : EK-RES X3 250

- Pump : Laing D5 with EK Supremacy clear plexi top

- Coolant : EK Coolant UV Blue (2 bottles)

Here is some teaser product

some of bitspower and EK rotary


the pump im using


the water tube


new radiator :occasion5::bounce:


lastly but not the end


will be updating for the case mod work soon , for now just the spoiler for parts

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