CM Jerry

How many fans do you have in the chassis?

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superfreak    3

In my actual built which is a rosewill blackhawk

3 - 120mm fans as intake

2 - 140 mm fans on top as exhaust

1 - 120 mm fan on bottom as intake

1 - 120 mm fan on the side as intake

2 - 80mm on PSU

2 - 120mm (push and pull radiator)

total of 11 ( only 3 are coolermaster (2 sickleflow 120 2000 rpm and 1-140mm blue led)


my next build which is a mini itx Elite 110

Im planning on putting a seidon 120 XL on front if possible

and 2 80mm X 15mm coolermaster  slim fans on the side.


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CM Jerry    43

Good job man, totally 11 fans...

I'm curious why you use 80mm x2 fans for PSU? Is your PSU too hot?

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superfreak    3

funny thing is that im missing a slim 120 that goes behind the mobo (18 mm restriction). I want the Xtraflo 120 slim

which is 15 mmbut its nowhere to be found but on ebay from china and at almost 20 bucks.


On the photo only 2 of the 3 front fans are on as I disconnected the one on top which is a sickleflow

because the dust filters that came on the drive bay covers are like metal nylon and everytime

I clean them another part goes (by now all messed up), so its turn off until I get dust filter material is a lot of dust is

going inside through that fan.


To answer your question , I think I may have overdone myself but the thing is that I don't have

AC and right now the temperature is very nice but summer, you wont believe how high the temp rises.

And even with all those fans idle temps are high for me on summer, you can imagine if Im playing.

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Sarge    0

I have 8 case fans on my HAF-932


Three 120mm fans on the side panel, two on the 120mm push-pull radiator on the back, one 200mm fan on the top, one 120mm fan also on the top (just in front of the 200mm fan), one more 200mm fan on the lower front panel. Also drwaing air into the case is a 80mm fan mounted in the back of my hot-swap SATA drive bay that ocupies 3 of the 5.25" bays. On the inside of the case there is also a low-speed 60mm fan cooling the MOSFET and another 60mm fan cooling the chipset heat sink.


I used to have 4 fans on the side panel but I had to take the upper-back one off to make the liquid cooling radiator fit. I suppose I could have mounted the radiator on the upper mounting points (the celing of the case) but I like it on the back.

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Balkhan    0

Storm Trooper case with 6 fans (not counting the PSU fan or vid card fans):  the two stock fans in front panel (intake); Corsair AF120 (intake) bottom next to PSU; Corsair AF140 (exhaust) rear; and two Corsair SP120 top as push exhaust on a H100i.

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cota472    3

I have the following fans

2 in the front (Intake)

2 on the side panel (Intake)

1 on the rear (Exhaust)

2 on top blowing across my Seidon 240M(Exhaust)

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bmwr606    0

my new build, haf xm case:


4 200mm fans, 2 in, 2 out
2 140mm fans, push/pull on nepton 140xl radiator, exhaust from case

1 gpu fan
1 psu fan

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Sunday Morning    177

my build for storm scout 2 :D


7x Jetflo 120mm


2x front (in)

2x on the top (out)

2x in side window panel (out)

1x for Seidon 120V (out)

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clorenz    2

Will post a pic up later when I get home from work. But I'm using a HAF 932 I acquired for free from a coworker. In this case I have these fans.

1 Front Panel fan (swapped out the lighted one for the one that was in the top after dismantling and cleaning)
1 Side Panel (Original one with the case but dismantled fan and cleaned it good as well)
1 The Store Rear case fan (Again dismantled and cleaned)
3 x 120mm Fans across the top of the case with my XSPC RASA 360 Radiator
1 120mm Case fan in bottom of the case
Plus the fan thats in my CM Silent Pro Gold 800W PSU from CM Beta test a while back. 

The Fans across the radiator are set up with 2 pulling air in and one exhausting air out and all controlled with a NZXT Fan controller. The front panel fan of course is set as intake, the side panel as well. The lower case fan and the rear case fans as exhaust fans as well. 

All of this is cooling
MB: MSI A88X-G45 Gaming
CPU: AMD A10-7850K @ 4.9Ghz (XSPC Rasa Waterblock 1/2" Primochill LRT Tubing)
RAM: Kingston DDR3 2133 Mhz 16 GB
VGA: MSI GTX 480 (Koolance Water block using 1/2" Primochill LRT Tubing)
4 x 120GB SSD's (RAID 0... 2 drives are OCZ Vertex III's and 2 Samsung Evo 840's)

Case will be modded soon using rigid lines and some paint as the case had some damage to it when I received it, mostly just scratches and had soda spilled in it... 3 hrs to tear down to nothing and clean it good! 

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DaveLT    16

I used to have a million of them in my Xigmatek Asgard XP 

3 front fans, 2 top fans 1 bottom fan and 1 rear fan. Plus 1 side fan and 3 on a deepcool neptwin ...

Don't count the 2 fans on the 7850 I used to have. I'm using a R9 280X these days

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