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CM JesseP.

[Tower Mod] Centurion by: Jesse Palacio [FINISHED]

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CM JesseP.    34

made PSU cover two colors so that the white motherboard doesnt stand out too much..



slighty.. re-did the outside paint work. i really liked how it was before, so i didnt want to stray that far away from it.


Next up.. top, and front panel.. thank you.

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CM JesseP.    34

here it is.. CENTURION.

this will be my entry for the 2013 Cooler Master Case Mod Competition. i submitted it, not to compete, but to showcase my build and inspire those who feel that they cannot mod their RIG because they have cheap parts, no money, no tools or what not. all the mods on this build, the decals, the acrylic bends etches and cuts, the paint job and etc.. were all done 100% manually with only a DIY scoring knife a.k.a "thing", some table clamps, a cigar torch and oodles upon oodles of patience, creativity and pure passion and dedication to the art of MODDING.

no, it's not rocking top of the line hardware, the newest and most powerful GPU, and etc.. but it does.. and does very well what i need it to do.

this build is rocking:

Asus Sabertooth Z77

Asus DCU2 GTX 660 OC edition

Kingston Hyper X Black @ 2x4gb

Seasonic M12II 750

Corsair H60

Corsair Force GS 128gb SSD / WD 1tb HDD

Corsair AF120mm Fans (x2)

Corsair SP120 Fans (x2)

Cooler Master Silencio 650 (modded)

Bitfenix Recon Fan Controller

a lot of thought went into this build. i wanted it to look beautiful inside and outside, with or without the PSU and 3.5/5.25 side bay covers. i apologize for the horrible pics, i am no photographer. =)

big thanks to and Mundi Valur, for sponsoring me with his beautiful sleeving work and lighting. thank you also to Kasper Kragh for helping me with the Centurion banner and emblem. thank you to Nick Blackwell and Dirtysouth PC, for his constant moral support, to Paul Tan and Adam Ebora for the "lessons" and mentoring, and last but not least, THANK YOU to my lady Genevieve Baad, for her unending and unconditional love and support with what i love to do. to those who appreciate my work. your kind words always inspire me to do better. THANK YOU!!
















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CM JesseP.    34
ive already submitted the final pics.. but i just thought i'd throw this tiny update in anyway.


added a little detail.. painted the back plate, and scored some random lines. props to Icemodz for the custom sleeving.



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