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Mathieu Delsuc

[Scratch Build] "Shielding War TUF" By Mathmodding

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Hello everyone,
I'm french so sorry for my bad English.


My sponsors:ANTEC France, Sassanou Watermod, Crucial France, Seasonic, Be Quiet and INTEL.

385299_232481890222454_819540254_n.jpgnew_logo_white_bg.jpgbequietlogogross.jpglogo%20crucial.jpgseasonic.jpg intel.jpg


This is my mod based on an Antec LanBoy Air has been completely redone with a armor outside (shield) to be in line with the ASUS TUF series. This gives it a unique design.

I complete creates a special compartment for waterccoling part so that the hot air does not pass on the side of the motherboard. Any fans Be quiet Slint Wings 2 PWM are controled by single pin PWM CPU.

I make a new support for PSU of Aluminium.

Case base: Antec LanBoy Air
PSU : Seasonic X650
Motherboard : ASUS Z77 Sabertooth
Processor : Intel Core i7 3770K
Video card : SLI ASUS GTX 670 DirectCu II
Memory : Crucial ballistix Elite pc3-14900 cas9
SSD raid0 OCZ vertex 2 120go


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