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[scratch build] project slash dot dash- matx case with sfx

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freebee    5

Hello everyone, this will be my first attempt at an entry in the modding competition which I have admired for the last few years. I am a teenager from Australia and have many sporting and school commitments so this may not get finished in time but I decided it is worth a shot anyway, I plan on using the top, bottom and side panels along with the mobo tray from a MATX case I have slowly stripped parts of of to the point that i only have the shell and motherboard tray anymore. I plan on making new front and back panels and extensively modding the top bottom and side panels while changing the layout (I might make some custom grills as i have just changed schools and now have access to a cnc!). I want to make it a fatboy slim themed mod with a blue and black color scheme. the other interesting thing about this proect is that the budget is currently at $0 and i hope to keep it as close to that as possible because until i make some money or Christmas comes i have $0 in my possetion.

the hardware I plan on using I was given all of it for free by different people:

- a Gigabyte ga-8s661fxm-775

- a core 2 duo

-a ABIT siluro gf4 ti 4200 (agp i know) (and i do have better cards but this one will look the best)

-some random ddr2

-a 160gb 2.5inch hdd (i will strip fom a laptop so i dont know the specs yet)

-a 10 inch laptop screen in the sidepannel (if i get the time to put it in and money for a driver board)

-anything but a stock cooler (TBA)

-some CM fans and thermal paste

-a no name brand psu

should be fun, hope to post pics soon

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