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Dual PSU

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Aslund    0

Hello again.

I bought a 480W, but the dealer could not get it, so I got 2*330W instead, because I have the Cooler Master Stacker, which have the possibility of runing with 2 PSUs.

But does it matter how I connect the diffrent powercables to the diffrent components or not?

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Karma Ghost    0

If I recall correctly (and I hope I do) I think I can be of some assistance.

I believe the CM Stacker comes with a cable that allows you to hook up the big ATX mobo connector to 2 PSUs. That way, when the signal is sent from the power button to the mobo, it will turn on both PSUs.

Because of that, no, it should not matter how you hook up the components.

Once again, I'm pretty sure. But I don't work for CM or anything, so it is just my take on it.

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