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[Scratchbuild] µBox by Ch2pa - CANCELED

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Ninth Update:



I cut two aluminum "L" shaped profiles, and drilled them:




Then I fixed them on the front part of the stucture:




These profiles will be used for the fixation of the CoolerMaster Seidon 240M radiator.




I wait for the radiator before drilling its fixations holes because I have a doubt on its dimensions.


I started the covers for the front faces. They will hide the DVD/Blu-Ray reader and the front panel.


For this I used a cutout that I spared:




As this cutout comes from the same plank and position in this plank as the side, the veining of wood are similar:




And my goal will be to keep this veining continuity


I cut this piece with a hacksaw (which has smaller teeth than a handsaw):




Then I did the finishing with a belt sander and sand paper. The result is quit what I expected:




The only thing left for this cover is to do the hole for the eject button.


Other side, same process.

I used a cutout for the front panel cover:




Roughly hewn with hacksaw, belt sander and sandpaper:




Prior to the holes in the cover, I had to finish the fixation of the front panel.

For this fixation, I used a small sheet of aluminum:




That I cut and fold:




I used the existing fixation holes to screw the front panel on its support.

For the fixation of the front panel support on the wood, I cut a cover in aluminum:




Two screws tighten this cover on the wood, two other screws tighten the front panel on this cover:




Last piece of the front, I cut in a small block of aluminum:




To do:




The power on Button:




Now that the front panel is completed and fixed, I started to do the holes in its cover:




Not yet finished, only the audio and USB ports for now:




Stay tuned

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