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[Scratch Build] Ridiculous Rasberry

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Hi there,

My name is Elliott and this is the first watercooling project I have ever undertaken

No pressure there then!

My Scratch build is based around the immensely popular Raspberry Pi.

Inspired by the amazing efforts of Phame ( and his watercooled R-Pi I first intended to make my own version of the watercooling loop he used.

As watercooling an R-Pi is pretty much overkill anyway, I tried to think of other ways I could make my cooling system even more extreme whilst retaining some form of 'practicality'.

A few of the things I wanted to change and/or add were:

Waterblock - More water channels and thinner fins to increase cooling efficiency. Also less depth to the waterblock to increase the flow rate.

Smaller reservoir- In Phame's build he used the reservoir as a large passive heatsink. I wanted to use a more active method of cooling which meant the volume of coolant was less and flow rate higher.

Peltier cells!- A second waterblock would allow the coolant to pass the cold side of a peltier cell, thereby lowering the temperature of the coolant below ambient temperature.

So, here's some bits so far!


The gorgeous CNC milled aluminium Chipset Waterblock



Peltier Cell


So far...

What do you think? :)

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cpeterson19    0

Hi there i love what you have done, is there any way you would share your cad drawings with me so i can try and make one for my self please.


Thank you so much!


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