[Scratch Build] Thai farmers (COMPLETED)

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Suchao    2

Sponsored by Cooler Master Thailand


and ASUS Thailand


I am a citizen of Thailand.
My career as a fish farmer.
I do not have the knowledge engineer.
Design Incompetence In the program.
Poor family background.
I have to use the equipment and the most economical.
I came here to want to share information.
I want friends.
I will create the best.
I would not use industrial machines.
I would not use CNC.
I would not use a laser.
I would not buy parts to assemble.
I use my heart and basic tools.
Thanks to everyone who saw me do the work to share.
I beg your pardon.
I'm sorry
I am weak in English.


Handmade 100%
This case was inspired by movie 'Transformers'. It is made of wood, PVC and acrylic using common tools. 
The distinctive point is the wheels that were build as Transfarmer's arms and legs joints. 
The truck head transforms to Optimus Prime with Cooler Master V8 GTS without taking off any part, but simply just by pulling and twisting. 
It also can stand on its own (without tipping over), moving arms and legs in desired direction. This fantastic creature is made by Thai Farmers.
Spec .
CPU.....1150 INTEL Pentium G3220
Ram......CORSAIR XMS3 2X2 GB
Hdd...... WD 500G *2
SSD.......OCZ 64 GB
PSU......Coolermaster Silent Pro Hybrid 1050w.
Cooling ...... Coolermaster V8 GTS
Fan ..... Coolermaster Jetflo 120 *2












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