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[Scratch build] T94 - Supercomputer replica (downsized)

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I may be known from other forums by building replicas of older supercomputers, both fictional and real ones.

And of course, for the 2013 Cooler Master mod contest is no difference.

My project for this year is the T94. CRAY Research had this beast made in the 90´s and i´m doing a smaller desk-size version of it.

Components and other

I will watercool it with a custom loop

Will be able to run most games (i´m not a gamer, so no gaming-monster)

Components revealed later, dont know yet what to put into it. I´ll do the case first but due to size, big motherboards are no problems.

I had contact with CRAY and received alot of information and they gladly helped with measurements and dimensions for my project.

Based on this information, i made a mockup in CAD to see how everything looks.

Now its time to start cutting all parts and panels.

And the first picture

It lacks details and have some faults, i made this to see the dimensions of my downsized version and i can measure the parts in Sketchup before cutting.

Right picture is the real deal.


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