Jeremy DeLong

Storm Recon: How to fix Firmware

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There is a small issue where installing the new software will cause the Recon mouse to

not function. There is a simple fix to this issue.


1) Connect a known, proper functioning mouse to your system.

2) Connect the Recon mouse to the system.

3) Open the Recon firmware directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\CM STORM\Recon Software\FirmwareUpdate

4) Double click Recon_updater program


5) Click OKAY to start update.


6) Firmware will start to update.


7) Program will let you know when finished.


8) The mouse LEDs will then light up and the mouse will function correctly.

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acydreign    1

I tried to do the firmware update, but it fails.  Is there anything else that can be done or do I have to return my mouse?  I made my own post point this in the main CM Storm forum as well. 

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Mbuso Yende    0

Hey my peoples, this just in...firmware fixes/updates should be carried out on a 32-bit system.


I had to especially install a Win7 x32 OS in a virtual machine just to use the 'reset tool' after the mouse became unresponsive.


I haven't tried the update again, as I'm still pouting and sulking at the fact that after-sale support is this day and digital age!


Maybe CM products lean more to proprietary inclinations as opposed to giving their consumers the 'key' to closure, open(ness).


Happy debugging!

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