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Ali Abbas    34
hi guys, here are the final Pictures of the SAMURAI SACRILEGIUM.

as i already mentioned, i wanted this build to resemble the organic look of a samurai’s armor.

it a full fledge PC with an Atom CPU, Mini Itx Board, 4 gbys of ram and a Coolermaster 80mm Fan hidden in the back. I didnt want any of the modern Hardware to be visible. except the Screen which i cannot hide anyway.

otherwise even the Keyboard is motorised which retreat via a mswitch into the japanese Aquarell water Color painting box i made. the loudspeakers resemble japanese windws and the top Samurai helmet has a chin protectetor that moved via servo to reveal and conceal the Webcam. the fromt on-off and rests Buttons alonmg with the servos know are all well hidden in the front bottom Samurai battle fann

the whole build is stained with regular Printer ink and glazed to give it that leathery Samurai arganic type of armor look. all tradtionaly type in a very cultural way concealing all that modern Hardware.


in the back i have hidden the fan behind a bib made out of a Sushi roll bamboo mat and also made a bokken holder for two swords. the Bokken i made from a broom stick, bent in eater and heat sessions and is a traditional Samurai Training and excerciseing sword of Wood. of course to give a realtion to the build, the reara hanld end hold a USB Flash drive in it. :roll:

THE SAMURAI SACRILEGIUM, i hope you like it.



THOSE WHO DARE by Alan-Lee 19th July 2013

Brave art thou, who face the fight

Though scared, afraid, but still inspite

Who face the foe and brace the storm

And prove cowardice is not a norm.

They step ahead to the front line

The will proclaiming, the win is mine

They declare out loud, victory is here

By slaying the beast we know as fear.

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Ali Abbas    34

hi guys her is a video link to my excursion at the stuttgarter hobby and electronics fair. with some of ms mods and of course the samurai sacrilegium.

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Ali Abbas    34
hi everyone, the competition Deadline is reaching ist crucial Point now so i would like to share the other worklogs presences with you too.

you will find the worklog, Videos and Fotos along with TV interviews etc..


at the german modding Scene platform http://forums.bit-te...rai sacrilegium


Videos and TV interviews etc.. also at

good luck to all, bye, Abbas-it 

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