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[Tower Mod] Project GoldFing3r [Completed]

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Hi, My names Dave and live in the UK. I modded a HAF XM a long time ago when it was released and being honest I didnt like the end result. I was modding it close to halloween so decided on a horror mod. This case has been in storage ever since doing nothing so decided to join in the fun here and completely overhaul this case and do some mods I was thinking about but never got around to doing. Here is a picture of the case I will be working on.


Uploaded with

will be a lot of work to sort this out but Im sure it will be worth the effort.

My build list isnt final yet but here is an idea of what I will be using.

Cooler Master HAF XM case

Cooler Master V series 850w fully modular power supply

Shakmods Sleeving

AMD 5800k APU

Asrock FM2A85X-Extreme 6 motherboard

Nvidia GTX 480 with block and backplate

The Feser company Admiral 240 Radiator

EK Coolstream 360 Radiator

Lamptron CW611

Koolance FM19 Flow meter

Primochill Rigid tubing and fittings

Mayhems Fluid

Thermalright fans

This will be updated as I go. Thanks a lot to Cooler Master, Primochill, Shakmods, Lamptron, Thermalright , ekwb and Feser for helping me out with certain parts.

The idea is make this build golden, the grills, the inner parts, the motherboard etc will all be gold. I will be reworking some of my mods also. This case will have support for 360,240 and 140 sized radiators where the stock case only has 240 and 140 rad support. I will also be remaking a window on it and a bunch of other small mods.

more later...

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First thing first I need to change the mesh colour from blue to gold. In order to do this Im using a Iwata airbrush, gold and white wicked detail paint and a bottle of reducer. I will start with some of the smaller stuff before moving to the larger pieces. Here is a pic of what Im using


This is the front sata hot swap bay on the HAF XM. I painted it blue long ago and since its been in the shed its looking a little old and tired


On the back of the hot swap bays there are little tabs, lift these and the mesh is ready to be pulled out


And here it is taken apart, remove the mesh insert, sand it a little and its ready for paint!


I only do a light coat of white because this acts as a primer and also the gold gives a true colour when laid over white.



First coat of gold is done. In the bottle this stuff is very thick and gloopy so needs heavy reduction to pass through an airbrush. You need the paint a milky consistency so I added 1 drops of high performance reducer to 1 drop of gold paint for a 1:1 ratio

A closer look at the first coat shows it definitely needs a thicker coat and perhaps I over reduced the paint. Time to remix 2:1 for a final coat


Second coat is done, now for the rest :)


These two are now finished


Paint is still drying on this one but couldnt help myself and had to pop the logo on too see if it looked cool :)


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mybadomen    0

Looking Great so far keep up the great work. Damn i wish i could airbrush like that it would come in handy.

Take care will be watching this one.


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Hey MyBad thanks man! Means a lot coming from a top modder like you. Finished for tonight but here is how the front is looking so far


Cutting discs arrive in the morning for the window work and cage work :)

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Thanks a lot Vinny :)

Today I got the badge on and mock fitted a Lamptron CW611 to see how it looks. Also I have just received my new cutting discs so will be sorting out some casemods later



I also just got the top grills finished. This case needs a clean!


The handle on the HAF XM has previously repainted with a crackle effect primer and blue over the top . I still like this so I will be laying down white straight on top after cleaning it then adding the gold and hopefully it will give off a more 'solid gold bar' effect


Now its white :)


This is what I mean by Gold bar look, the crackles raise and lower and is textured, pretty sure with gold on top it will look good :)


Its a real gold bar I swear, £10,000 and its yours :P


here it is finished and ready to fit.


Next will be the case doors and internals..

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This here is the case door. Im not sure about the windows yet I might get rid of the bulge but for now it needs a colour change. I sanded it down before painting


Here it is done in Wicked Black


Then I placed on the handle, its looking sweet!


Then I fitted just to see how Im doing. I think this is ok so far so next is the internals and a little modding :)


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Now for some fun!

Here is the insides of the case. I need to move the hard drive cage to fit a Feser Admiral 240 radiator in the front, mod the top of the case to fit a 360mm ekwb radiator ans paint up the insides.


Doing the 360 rad mod is the easiest thing ever. There is a piece of steel on top that is rounded, cut it out and cut the plastics a little on the power/usb/audio bit on top of the case.


One perfectly fitting radiator


Next up I removed the bottom HDD cage by removing the 3.2mm rivets using titanium bits, I also only use a hand powered drill for case modding since we are talking really thin materials


Now I mock fitted the radiator to see if there is any fouling, there is, the drive bay mounts are covering the area I place fittings, no good, time to fix.


From this I decided to remove all cages


A little cutting..


And a little Filing of course.


Small test see if I can reward myself a cookie...I can!


Now sanding and painting and can move on :)


Uploaded with

More tomorrow :)

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