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[Scratch Build] 50's All-in-one PC [Finished]

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Polku    0

Ok, let's put this update finally here. I delayed this, because I tought I'd do second bit cleaner revision of the back panel, but as I've started to work on my final bachelor thesis my time to spend on computer projects is very limited. Still I'm hoping I'll have time to at least do bit better windowed panel and straighten the bit wonky area under the mobo-tray before the end of January...

But the update itself. First I dremeled a panel from the side of the doner case and started to mock up fan covers to it:



When these started to look ok, it was time to draw the lines to cut with and then cut the panel:



Then it was time to test fit the fans, to the panel:



I continued to cut all the rest of the back panel pieces and painted' em black:


Then it was time to fit everything togethe and turn the computer on (the white side-fan I've allready paineted black and orange after I took these photos):



And It's alive:


Next step for this project is what I specified at the beginging of this update: To clean up the bit wonky revision 1.0 back panel and do a cleaner window. After that I can take the final pictures :)

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