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O.A.C OpenAirCase [Scratch Built] ///DONE///

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Hi to all!

My name is Gergely Ivanics. I’m an Industrial Design Engineer, but I’m still at University in master class.

My goal here to design and create an open-air style case. First I will make several 3D modells of my HW component (not just for the final render but for measuring and see the whole scale at once). After that I’ll draw cases in 3D then I’ll choose the best. And finally I’ll make the real thing.

My father is carpenter and I’m studing at University which involved in Wood Sciences… so yes my material is wood. Not just because I know and love this material, but there is a laser-cutter machine here which I really like to use in this project.

So stay tuned…


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I did't mentioned last time I wanted to make this case for last CM competition but unfortunately I hadnt got any time cause the graduating.

This pic came from a year now:


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A few solid more...


My old CPU cooler, the OCZ Vendetta 2... this bro will be upgraded to CM CPU cooler monster, like TPC800.


Sapphire HD6850

And finally... my hole machine.



AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition (X4 @ 3500Mhz)

Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5

Sapphire HD6850 (@990/1150Mhz)

G.Skill Ripjaws (F3-12800CL7-4GBRM)

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Here comes the O.A.C Version 2 (the V1 looks bad you don't wanna see it believe me)


The main concept is in there. First of all the motherboard position has been rotated by 90°to the right. At the botton of the case you could see the covered HDD-rack and optical drive and next to that there is the power supply also covered (the PS's fan is up - I was thinking about changing the original fan to a LED one as you can see in the render).

The concept was right, but I wasn't satisfied with the looks... so the V2 turned into V2.1:


In this time the MB is in its place. And the bottom of the case had changed a little - the two separated piece made into one. It looks better to me.


In the second render of the V2 you could see the back of it and a hole for carry the case, and it will be handy to cabel management.

What about next time? The motherboard IO and cable covering, and the VGA fixing.

So stay toned the V3 is coming soon...

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As I promised here comes the O.A.C V3



The only difference is the GPU fixer at the top of the case.

So the motherboard is fixed on a wooden plate which the user could get off from the main side of case:

GPU/PCI cards fixing without screws:


Summary: The idea of the GPU/PCI cards fixing is not bad, but the whole appearance not quite right. Looks unfinished.

So next time I have to make it right. And my girlfriend mentioned that the motherboard should be cover plexiglas or something to protect any kind of impact. So I'll chech it out too.

Stay tuned :wink:

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